Want to join the lab?

Interested in joining the lab? Drop Gina a line! I am always interested in motivated and scientifically curious minds, and happy to recruit PhD, Post-doc, and undergraduate scientists to the lab. We have a variety of projects ongoing, from the resistance evolution & mating systems work to plant microbiome and comparative genomics questions.

If you are a potential graduate student, you should contact me to discuss your graduate school interests and career goals. Graduate students in my lab are funded through generous funding package through the Rackham Graduate School and the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program. Graduate funding includes stipend and insurance and is guaranteed for five years. Generally students teach as graduate student instructors in the Fall and Winter semesters but have summer semesters off to dedicate to research. Two and possibly more semesters the graduate students will be on fellowship and do not have to teach. There are also graduate student fellowship competitions from NSF and the USDA — ask me about them!

If you are a potential post-doctoral research scientist, you should consider applying for an NSF Plant Genome fellowship! There are also USDA post-doctoral fellowships that are available. I would be happy to discuss either with you as well as other funding opportunities.