Talks at the 2017 Evolution meetings

We’re in Portland, Oregon this year for the annual Evolution meetings. Here’s a line-up of lab members that are speaking at the conference, as well as day/time/place:

Diego will be presenting his recently bioRxiv’d work on the morning glory mating system “Environmental influences on the mating system of the common morning glory” Tuesday at 9am in C120-122.

Megan will be presenting “Inbreeding depression through a transcriptomic lens,” our attempt to identify transcriptomic changes correlated with inbreeding depression in the common morning glory, on Monday at 4:15pm in C120-122.

Sara will be presenting her dissertation work “Testing character displacement as a potential driver in the evolution of root traits” Monday at 8:45am inB117-119.

Gina will be presenting “Is Convergence at the Level of the Phenotype Mirrored Across the Genome? The Repeated Evolution of Glyphosate Resistance in the Common Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea”  in theEvolution in urban ecosystems Symposium at 11am in Oregon ballroom 203.

We’re psyched to be presenting our work and catching up with our colleagues and friends!