Welcome Megan Van Etten!

Megan Van Etten has joined the Baucom lab as a post-doctoral research associate. She is a mating systems expert who will be working on the evolution of herbicide resistance in the common morning glory. We’re all excited to have her join the lab! See below for a description of Megan’s previous work and research interests.


Megan (1)

Megan received her PhD from the University of Georgia in 2009. Her dissertation research investigated the maintenance of both female and hermaphroditic individuals within populations of a native geranium species. She found that the initial invasion of females may be difficult due to the genetic control of sex and pollinator discrimination against females. However, once established gynodioecy appears to be stable in this species due to increased seed production and flowering frequency in females and selection on hermaphrodites to maintain both male and female function. Since her dissertation she has worked on variety of projects centered around forces affecting gene movement on a variety of levels. These projects have included how population level characteristics influence pollen movement in Alfalfa, how environmental changes affect plant floral traits in a columbine species, and how bird abundance affects selfing rates in two New Zealand tree species.

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